Computer Healthcheck
Our computer healthcheck can improve stability and productivity by identifying problems and performance issues before they impact your business.  The following areas are checked:

  • System Resources - we look at how much memory, disk and CPU your PC is using
  • Anti-Virus / Anti-Spyware - we check to see if it's running, how it's configured and if it's set to automatically download the latest virus definitions
  • Startup Performance - we look for any startup applications that run in the background slowing down your PC
  • System Updates - is Windows Updates enabled
  • Virtual Memory - is this configured correctly
  • Hard Disk Drive - we run a cleanup to remove temporary files, scan for errors and undertake a defrag to improve performance
  • Backups - we check if System Restore is operating

If we find any problems we discuss these with you before making any changes.  

Computer Administration
We can help you to set up and manage user accounts, groups, shared folders and assist with other XP, NT, Windows 2000 and Server 2003 administration tasks.

itflex can install your new computers, printers and other IT equipment.

Data Transfers
We can transfer or copy data on to new computers or disks


For any of the above services, call us on 01708 209 924 or contact us by email at