Windows Vista

Windows Vista is the latest version of Microsoft's PC operating system software and we love it. However, a word of warning before you decide to upgrade all of your existing PC's to Windows Vista. Vista requires a lot more computer hardware to operate effectively - and in some cases just plain doesn't work with some equipment.

Our advice if you want Windows Vista - unless you have a recent and well specified PC then don't bother upgrading from XP. Buy a new PC with Vista pre-installed instead.

Which Version?

Windows Vista comes in a number of different versions (5 at the last count!). They all have a place, but only 2 of the available versions can participate in a Microsoft server based network; Vista Business and Vista Ultimate.


If you are running a business, don't buy one of the Home editions of Vista - you will not be able to connect your PC to a network and take advantage of Small Business Server. If you do need the features of the Home Premium Edition, then choose Vista Ultimate Edition.

Microsoft Office 2007

The latest release of Microsoft's Office suite is easier to use than ever. To find out more about what's included, click on the images below. But before you do that, let me tell you about another one of Microsoft's secrets. It's called Business Contact Manager 2007 and comes with Office Professional 2007 and Office Small Business 2007.

Business Contact Manager allows you to centrally manage customers, business contacts and accounts; you can use it to create marketing campaigns, manage sales opportunities and run simple business projects (although it's not a full project management program). Best of all, it links into your email system, and allows you to view a complete history of communication with a particular company or customer - including the emails sent and received to that customer by your colleagues.    


Click on the images above for a full description

How to get the best price for Office

There are two ways to get the best price for Microsoft products.

The first is to buy the software when you buy a new PC. This is called an OEM licence. The main limitation with this method is that the software can only be used on the PC that it was purchased with - so you can't uninstall it and reinstall on another existing or future PC. For most people, though, this is not an issue. 

The second way to ensure you get best value for money is if you need to purchase 5 or more licences in one transaction. In these cases, you may be eligible for what Microsoft call Volume Licencing. This is much cheaper than buying individual retail licences and can also be purchased with the right to upgrade when new versions become available.   

Office Ready PC

If you are not sure that you will need Microsoft Office when you buy a new PC, ask the salesman for an Office Ready PC. This has a free 60 day trial of Office pre-installed and ready to use. If you decide within the 60 days that Office is required, you can call itflex on 01708 209 924 or email us at and we will sell you a "key" which turns the trial into a fully licenced copy of Office. And at a significantly cheaper price than PC World will charge for a retail copy!  

For more information contact us on 01708 209 924 or email at