Wireless Networking

Wireless networking can open your business up to a completely different way of working - unfortunately, it can also open your business up to a whole host of security problems. 

If you're running a small office or a home office, wireless networking (also known as wifi) can be used to quickly link computers together, enabling you to share information and resources - things like your internet connection or a printer - without having to install the wires traditionally used to build a network.

Wireless routers from BT, Netgear, Belkin and others make it very easy for a novice to set up, however, there some things that you need to be aware of if you want your private information to stay secure.

  • Change the default username and password
  • Enable the highest level of wireless security available to encrypt data - this is typically called WPA2
  • Only allow known PC's to connect to the router
  • Use a firewall
  • Keep your router software up to date

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