IT Security

IT Security covers the products, processes and policies that are used protect your business IT from theft, exploitation and sometimes just pure vandalism. Not all of this is technical, in fact one of the biggest security threats comes from people - not changing passwords or writing them on a post-it and sticking it to their monitor!


PC Security Review
itflex can perform a pc security review which looks for common security issues such as virus protection, spyware and software updates (also known as patching).

Server Security Review

If you have a Windows server we can advise on user accounts and security permissions to ensure your staff can only access the information required to do their jobs. We also provide solutions to protect your systems from power problems and data loss.



Security Policy
Very important, yet often neglected, this key piece of business documentation contains all the rules about how the IT equipment should be used, how business data is stored and who is allowed to access it.

The policy should be read and understood by all staff and you may consider making it form part of their employment contract. 


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