Anti Virus & Anti Spyware

    5 Things you should do

  1. install antivirus & anti spyware software
  2. update the software regularly to protect against new threats
  3. schedule automatic checks
  4. scan all email messages
  5. create and enforce an antivirus policy

A recent report by internet security company, Sophos, identified a 48% rise in the number of new virus, worm, Trojan horse and spyware threats over the period January - November 2005. Some of these threats can lead to serious system performance problems and in some cases can prevent your business systems from operating altogether.

If you don't already have an anti virus and anti spyware product installed, then we would advise you to do so as soon as possible. The software is inexpensive and generally easy to set up and use.

If you already have an anti software/spyware package installed, you need to ensure three things: Firstly, take advantage of the threat updates provided by the manufacturer. The software will only be really effective if it is using up-to-date definitions; secondly, ensure that the software is actually run. Most products can be set to run on a schedule and in the background, continuously and automatically checking for threats; and lastly, check the output. You should be aware if you have been affected.

itflex can provide your business with a number of anti virus services. From product selection, installation and configuration through to regular checking. Call us on 01708 209 924 or contact us by email at for details.