Disaster Recovery


The preparations you make now could help your business survive a catastrophic event be it natural or man-made, continuity is vital and your customers will expect no less"

Former CBI director-general

Sir Digby Jones

The Buncefield oil depot fire on the 11th December 2005 brought into devastating focus the benefits of having a disaster recovery plan. The explosion and resultant fire caused severe damage to over 80 buildings and with it, according to the Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce, an estimated £500m to £1bn bill for damage and loss of business. While the majority of larger firms in the affected area had a disaster recovery plan in place and managed to restore operations at contingency sites by the following day, more than 400 businesses on the industrial estate were denied access to their premises while the fire burned. Being able to access important systems and data following an incident can be the difference between business survival and business failure.


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