PC and Server Support
You know the scenario. Your computer always comes up with the same error message. You click ok and continue. It's always been like that. But today, the day when you need to get that quote turned around, or the payroll finished, or the tax return filed, it's different. Today the computer doesn't get past the error message. What do you do? 

Try calling itflex on 01708 209 924.

itflex can provide onsite technical assistance to all manner of computer and software related problems. We will find a solution to get you going again.

We offer a number of flexible support options to cover your Microsoft powered PC's and Servers.

Managed Services Support
For complete peace of mind we can manage your whole IT infrastructure - your PC's, laptops, servers, printers and networking equipment. We will even liaise with your other IT suppliers should you have issues.

  • We check, we monitor, we update
  • You pay a fixed monthly cost - allowing you to control cashflow
  • You can focus on running your business, not your IT

Pay As You Go Support
Pay As You Go is a reactive service where you contact us when something stops working or you have a problem. We charge you on a time and materials basis for this service, so you only pay for our time and for any parts that may be required. Where possible the fix will be made remotely.

This arrangement suits many small businesses and home office users who don’t need or want a support contract. You only pay for the time taken to resolve your problem.

Monitoring Services
We can also provide a monitoring service where we remotely connect to your systems and check their status. Specifically we look for errors and resource issues and to make sure that anti-virus software is updated and working. For servers we also check that backups have taken place.

Any problems identified through this monitoring service are brought to your attention and any fix requires your approval, prior to the work being carried out. Standard Break/Fix charges will apply to this work. The monitoring service is subject the successful installation of remote control and monitoring software.

Remote support
Our aim is to reduce the time it takes to identify and fix the problems you may have in the future. By installing a small piece of software on your computers we can remotely connect to, diagnose and resolve many problems without an onsite visit. We won't charge you for the installation of the software and of course we will only do this if you want us to.

With all of our support options, the following apply:

  • We come to you
  • We always arrange a time that suits you
  • There are no call out charges

For or any of the above services, call us on 01708 209 924 or contact us by email at info@itflex.co.uk